Red-Green-Blue Bus

What is the Blue-Bus Revolution?

This workshop is designed for professionals to play, challenge and discover the elite high performance vehicle that is transforming the way we improve leaders, teams and organisations – the Blue Bus. If you are eager to meet the challenge and test your skills and assumptions against other executives and senior leaders from some of Australia’s most innovative and successful organisations then the Red-Green-Blue-Bus is for you!

The Red-Green-Blue-Bus Playshop is mainly delivered in-house and trained in groups of up to 18 registrants per ‘playshop’. Over the last four years, over 10,000 professionals have enjoyed the experience. What are you waiting for? Many organisations have made the transition from under-performing to high-performing organisations overnight. Change does not have to be painful and hard and in fact can be very enjoyable when done in an innovative and very effective way.

​We do occasionally run open-class ‘playshops’. If you are interested in our next open RGBB Playshop, would like to enquire about an in-house session or simply would like to receive further information then just get in touch with us.
Past attendees have included, senior leaders from a variety of organisations and sectors, big and small, such as:

  • Start-ups
  • Mining
  • Financial Services
  • Federal, State and Local Government
  • Not-for-Profits
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • … and many more

As it is quite different to the mainstream workshops out there, we host open ‘playshop’ classes every 3-4 months. If you are interested in joining us contact us to get on the waiting list. Our waiting list has been growing over the last year to the point that now we have started bringing it around the nation and overseas. So contact us today to be notified when the ‘blue bus’ is close. Given the limited seating (max 18 participants per ‘playshop’) spots fill out quickly. Contact us today!



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