(Coached and Mentored by our MBB Coach)
  • Patrick Bulk Port Services
  • GM Holden
  • University of Newcastle
  • Pacific National
  • Life Without Barriers
  • British American Tobacco
  • Mountain Industries
  • Australian Rail Track Corporation
  • Origin Energy
  • Yancoal
  • Newcastle Coal Infrastructure Group
  • Rio Tinto Iron Ore
  • and many, many more​

Where do we start?

Have you gone through significant growth in the last years but currently stagnant?

Have you concept-proofed your business and you are now ready to scale it up?

Lost that start-up spark that allowed you to disrupt the industry?

Or simply curious about further growth opportunities there are?

Look no further, we got you covered!

We live in exponential changing times where growth is not an option but a necessity.

Growth can come in many ways as a result our growth labs are highly customised to align with client needs and ensure client success. These are some of the areas we can help with:

  • Improving efficiencies
  • Identifying and implement process improvement opportunities
  • Sales and Marketing optimisation
  • Identifying new markets and opportunities for growth
  • Optimising client retention and spent
  • Leadership employee engagement and culture transformation
  • Increasing employee engagement and retention

As everything we offer, our ‘Growth Labs’ have been designed for rapid business transformation; intended to bring knowledge to organisation in a very brief period. Regardless if you are joining us of a two hours or two days ‘lab’, they are designed for immediate impact, filled with ideas, concepts and tools that you can apply immediately.

Although they are designed as stand-alone learning experiences, they can be linked and combined to our existing ‘labs’, to accelerate the change even further.

Our job isn’t just to train you, sure we will do that, ultimately, we are here to help you transition your organisation to a high-performance company that identifies opportunities where other’s would dare to even look at.

"The survivors are the people who are able to change!”

Stefano Pessina, CEO, Walgreens Boots Alliance (Fortune, February 2016)

How do we do that?

Fundamentally, we revolt around one key principle, “The power of the people is much stronger than the people in power” (Wael Ghonim). Whilst traditional training courses create experts, ‘lone dancers’, most of them fail to engage and empower the masses. Dare to be different! What if we start with a critical mass and get everyone speaking the same language and driving towards a common goal, in other words – one direction.

Speak to us about how to achieve real growth, sustainable in a fraction of the time and investment, you would need with traditional models. A program with mentoring and support already built-in to guide you through the whole journey.

No risk policy! Besides the, no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee, we will only work with clients after a complimentary trial! The trial will help us both to get to know each other and allow both parties to assess whether we are the right fit.

No strings attached!

About the program

Learn the tools and skills that leading organisations have been using to achieve exponential growth.

Our promise

The first program built entirely around customer needs! Moving beyond the shortcomings of the conventional ‘training course’ offerings, Knowledge Lab builds your organisation’s capability by providing attendees with the complete infrastructure and experienced support that guarantees short and long-term results.

A comprehensive, proven transformational program that delivers results every time, within hours.



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