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About our Customer-centricity Labs

More than just a workshop! Our labs are designed for rapid business transformation, bringing knowledge to your organization in a very brief period. Regardless if you are attending for three hours or two days, they are designed for immediate impact, filled with ideas, concepts and tools that you can apply immediately. Key highlights include: Small groups -maximum of 15 people, full mentoring provided (before, during and after the lab), 100% money back guarantee – no questions asked! And much more.

The Context

Nine out of the ten best companies in the world today are Customer-centric. But, what does that mean? Essentially, they build their products around their customer’s needs. While fresh, innovative organisations form every other day, established organisations struggle to adapt to our customer-centric, consumer led-world. Analysing and optimising the customer journey is crucial if you are on a mission to dramatically change the way you serve and interact with your customers. In a time where citizen expectations are rising, it is vital to realign to today’s customer needs.

Why join?

Are you or your business facing increasing competition from disruptive and innovative organisations? Are you missing out on the power of customer loyalty and retention? Or even worse are you losing customers as your competitors offer a better Customer Experience?

That doesn’t have to be the case. Our labs are designed for rapid business transformation, designed using the same customer-centric principles to bring knowledge and know-how back into the organisations; allowing you to transform your processes and customer experience in minutes! And that’s not all, you will do that whilst reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing profits.

Nano-Lab (Also available as webinar)

From A$99+ GST
1 hour

Mini-Lab: Where do we start?

From A$399+ GST
3 hour

Customer-Centric Innovation Lab

From A$1999+ GST
2 days

Understanding why Customer experience is important to your business
Building the business case for a customer experience-led transformation
Examples of customer-centric organisations around the globe and how they are challenging the status quo
Learn the impact the Customer Journey have on your product
Learn to do Customer-centric journey mapping
Learn to analyse customer experiences and customer interactions
Learn to act on customer pain points as a starting point for business improvement
Take away a framework that enables you to connect process and customer experience
Learn and apply the Improvement and Innovate framework
Linking CX to Measuring stuff and KPIs
Framework to future proof your business
Unlimited Mentoring in your first project
Learn how to become a disruptor and not the disrupted

What our attendees say:


CEO and Co-Founder

We were privileged to have Domenico at our office sharing his expertise on Customer Experience with our team, I will highly recommend Domenico and Knowledge Lab to any company looking to delight their customers and drive a customer-centric culture.

Can:Do Group


I had a couple of “aha moments,” which will be of benefit to the Can:Do Group going forward. I particularly wanted to commend you on the style of conference. The sit-down and stand-up movements, the changing of speakers and rooms and the interactive parts created an environment where we did not get bored or uncomfortable during sessions. Thank you again and good luck with the future endeavors. Please do advise if you intend on running an SA based events too.


Quality - Process Improvement Analyst

I have been to a few workshops in the past years and this thus far has been the blast! Your workshop demonstrated the impact of providing a high customer experience as I walked away feeling informed, inspired and motivated! Once again, a very big thank you to you!



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