Our Corporate Labs

Our corporate labs are different for every organisation. We design it based on your needs and goals and to create immediate impact. Most training programs are still designed following the old structures. They are 2, 4, sometimes 7-day courses. While they are designed for specific divisions, they fail to empower the attendees. 

At Knowledge Lab, we practice what we preach. Our programs are highly personalised and complete with built-in mentoring and support. 
Training Types
Blue Bus
Purpose-led Organisations
Customer-Centric Innovation Labs
Innovation Labs
Divisional Alignment Labs
Leadership Development Labs
High Performance Body and Mind
No-Risk Policy
We offer 100% money-back guarantee. We also offer a complimentary trial so you get to see us in action. The trial will tell you if we are the right fit. And it will also tell us if you are ready for transformation.
I have been to a few workshops in the past years and this thus far has been the blast! Your workshop demonstrated the impact of providing a high customer experience as I walked away feeling informed, inspired and motivated!
Quality – Process Improvement Analyst, Toyota

Key Highlights

Training and mentoring delivered by an experienced COP, our Chief Opportunity Pirate
Small groups! To ensure the highest quality class
Up to 6 months of unlimited mentoring support on your first implementation to ensure you succeed in achieving business outcomes
Flexible delivery – we can deliver the training across the globe, combine it with an employee experience or simply run it in-house
Proof of actual deliverables, our coach is experienced in delivering business ‘bottom line’ returns not just tools, training and knowledge
100% money back guarantee – no questions asked!
Fully customisable! Whilst we have ready-made programs that you can select, we always ‘recalibrate’ to make sure that the course objectives align with the successful customer outcomes

Are you ready to take a step closer to transformation?Contact us!

Domenico Pinto
Founder & Chief Operating Pirate