Most people think we provide workshops but that’s not 100% true. We provide Labs. The difference? Our Labs are a lot more engaging, inspiring and educational. They are designed to bring knowledge to organisations in a very brief period, more precisely in just 2 days!
How can we ensure your success? We practice what we preach! Knowledge Labs training and mentoring is delivered by an experienced coach in deployment of Customer-centric transformations and business ‘bottom line’ returns. You will get up to 6 months of unlimited mentoring support on your first implementation to secure you succeed in achieving business outcomes.

“Domenico is a skilled presenter and facilitator who has embraced Customer-centricity with no better demonstration than that is whole company is built using Customer-centric process techniques. Dom’s calm and insightful questioning and focus on pushing hard to achieve customer success for his own and other companies will undoubtedly lead to collective success.”

Senior Consultant, Business Improvement NAB

Our Purpose

Knowledge Lab is a purpose-led organisation. Our purpose is to help shape a better tomorrow by connecting people to ideas.

“If you want to change the world, start with yourself”

Mahatma Gandhi

Our Founder

Knowledge Lab Dom Pinto

Domenico A Pinto

Founder and Managing Director

Domenico A Pinto has lived in Germany, England, Dubai and Australia while working for Start-Ups and large corporates like AXA during his career. Relocating to Australia, gave him the chance to elevate his career and allowed him to discover new areas.

He has spent more than 3 years working as a conference director, being responsible for a business improvement portfolio servicing industries like: Banking and Financial Services, Public Sector, Utilities, Telecommunications, Mining, Education and many more. During that time he had the opportunity to connect, network and ultimately learn from leading national and international thought leaders.

His entrepreneurial mindset and curios nature allows him to challenge the status quo and push boundaries to discover what gives individuals and organisations the ‘Edge’.

After spending most of his career analysing, understanding and learning what makes organisations successful, he launched Knowledge Lab in 2015. Focusing exclusively on helping organisation to rapidly transform their business and become truly customer-centric. A public speaker and thought leader, presenting and facilitating regularly at leading conferences across Australia.

He is a qualified Customer-centricity Champion and Coach as well as a Blue Bus Coach. An innovative thought leader and futurist who is always on the lookout for opportunities. He is also the Co-founder and Non-Executive Director of Reblaendle Touristik, a local Tour Operator based in Germany.

When he is not working he enjoys following sports of all kinds, playing football, cycling, traveling and socialising with people from all backgrounds and cultures. Ideally over a meal and maybe a glass of wine or two…

We Believe In People

Not for Profits and Social Enterprises get up to 100 % discount
We believe in giving back, our philosophy is to give back a little everyday.
For every attendee we have on our ‘Labs’, ‘Playshops’ or Workshops, we fund or support one individual, following the Buy one Give one principal.
Examples include:

  • Supporting start-ups in developing countries
  • Provide training to not-for-profits
  • Fund social entrepreneurs
  • Providing income generating training to individuals and entrepreneurs in developing countries

“You give a poor man a fish and you feed him for a day. You teach him to fish and you give him an occupation that will feed him for a lifetime.”

(Chinese proverb.)

Our Customers

So who is our customer? Our customers are professionals that have decided to make an impact on their jobs and organisations they work for. Our customer is engaged, keen to learn and solves business challenges, always on the lookout for new innovative solutions that could represent the next ‘big thing’ for them or for their business. They are professionals that strive for the highest standards of learning and development opportunities.

Are you one of us?

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